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Tourism is vitally important to the economy of Ayrshire & Arran – latest figures showing a total estimated annual economic impact of £473.62 million revenue. The greatest gain over the past 7 years took place within the serviced sector, which has increased by 11.1%.

With Tourism Employment , 9475 Full-Time Equivalent jobs(FTEs) are fbeing supported . 

This ' section provides information about the strategy to grow the sector, in delivering the ambition to grow the value of the sector by 20% by 2017.


What is the vision for tourism in Ayrshire & Arran?

"Ayrshire and Arran will be a premier destination of choice, where visitors will  receive a fantastic welcome and enjoy outstanding experiences of our coastline, countryside, culture and hospitality."

What are the objectives of the tourism strategy?

The objectives of the strategy are to:
•     Increase the annual number of visitors to Ayrshire & Arran by 10% to 3.85 million.
•     Increase annual spend by visitors by 20% to £418 million.
•     Grow the employment supported by the tourism sector by 10% to 9,800 jobs.
•     Enhance and conserve the region’s natural, heritage and cultural assets.